17 Jan eCommerce Payment Methods in Africa Available for Expanding International Merchants

Mobile payment is completely transforming the way people shop and buy online. There are so many spinoff businesses and economic transformation that have been catalysed through the implementation and pervasiveness of mobile payment methods. Particularly in Africa who, with their payment methods like M-Pesa (Kenya), Smartcash (Rwanda), Paga (Nigeria) are leapfrogging the rest of the world when it comes to massive growth in mCommerce and eCommerce.

The combination of consumer, telco, merchant, payment gateway and bank working in concert are a winning formula. African eCommerce and online payment are booming which is paving the way for international eCommerce companies to enter the territory.

Leading local online shopping sites like Jumia, Kaymu, Lamudi and Hellofood are educating and “training” consumers and whetting their appetites for buying online. International entrants have the luxury of riding on the back of these local MTN driven businesses that offer payment methods like M-Pesa and other local payment methods compatible with the territory.

African Payment Solutions is another driver for financial inclusion and a bridge between international merchants who are expanding to the territory and wanting to get paid by African online shopping consumers. African Payment Solutions payment gateway provides a range of pan-African mobile and internet payment methods through a single integration

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