17 Jan Online Payment in Africa: M-Pesa (Kenya), SmartCash (Rwanda), Local Debit Card (Nigeria and Mozambique)

Mobile payments are made up of a linked network of elements including the consumer, the technology, the merchant, the bank or treasury element, the payment processor, and a mobile phone company.

In African countries this synergy between operators and components has been way more successful and produced an integrated economy uplifting and bringing consumers into the net.

Mobile payment methods such as M-Pesa, Paga, Airtel Money and 150 others have been extremely successful and are fast becoming interoperable.  The size and value of transactions is having a significant impact on the development of these economies and creating an opportunity for international ecommerce merchants to connect with and sell to African consumers, a high percentage of whom have a mobile phone, are connected to the internet, and can pay.

Mobile transacting is done for paying of accounts, buying online, buying tickets, and transferring money and bodes well for a burgeoning eCommerce-driven economy of connected citizens.

With payment methods like M-Pesa in Kenya, Smartcash in Rwanda and debit card in Nigeria and Mozambique linked to African Payment Solutions payment gateway, merchants can sell and get paid online for goods and services.