09 Apr Sell Online to 25m Kenyan Consumers and Get Paid Simply and Economically with M-Pesa

Mobile payments in Kenya saw an estimated transaction value of $26bn in 2014 from 25m mobile subscribers which is almost the entire Kenyan adult population.  This market is now available for sale of goods and services by global companies to Kenyan consumers.

M-Pesa consumers are using their mobile money to pay for utilities, rent, school fees and retail.  This increasingly connected consumer base is now hungry for international products and services and African Payment Solutions enables international merchants to get paid online with M-Pesa.

This mobile payment enabled market is growing at 10% per annum which offers multinational merchants a growing opportunity as compared with mature developed markets.  The value of M-Pesa payments has tripled in the past five years.

Kenyan consumers, armed with M-Pesa are buying air tickets, booking hotel accommodation, paying for their car to be serviced using M-Pesa.  African Payment Solutions with a simple online checkout page enables international merchants to be paid simply and securely with M-Pesa which pretty much covers the entire Kenyan population as a market.

More than 6m M-Pesa transactions take place every day which is a massive market to be tapped into by international merchants, particularly merchants who want to sell digital services to mobile connected consumers.  This volume is apparently more transactions than Western Union does globally.

M-Pesa has changed the landscape for Kenyan consumers.  The combination of M-Pesa and African Payment Solutions has bridged the gap and made it easy for Kenyan consumers to buy international products and services, and made Kenya a simply accessible market for international merchants.

Contact African Payment Solutions to get going now.  The African Payment Solutions service is only available to established multinational merchants with a solid track record.

About African Payment Solutions


African Payment Solutions is backed by a founding member of a leading African payment gateway and is built on a 15 year track record, a sound reputation and solid technology.

African Payment Solutions has partnered with reputable in-country expertise and capability to provide simple local acquiring solutions to international businesses.

International businesses can switch on local payment methods immediately without the complication and delays inherent to doing business in the target territories.  The complexities are taken care of and the money simply and cost effectively acquired and repatriated.