23 Apr Help for Multinationals and Global Payment Service Providers Setting up Online Payment in Sub-Saharan Africa

African Payment Solutions is initially servicing only multinational businesses, global Payment Service Providers (PSP’s / Payment Gateways) and their merchants.

African Payment Solutions performs these online payment management services for multinational eCommerce merchants using tried and tested back end technology developed over the past 15 years.  Through a single link, the money side of the business is taken care of for multinational companies selling to African consumers.

This enables global companies to sell and get paid online in Sub-Saharan African countries.

Multinational eCommerce companies are operating in mature and increasingly competitive developed markets.  They want to take advantage of the big growth in emerging consumer markets, Sub-Saharan Africa being one of them.

But with their own high cost structures and the complexities of dealing with Africa, they need help.

You can’t just get an overseas multi-currency merchant account.  Transactions from African countries are declined and local governments are becoming very strict about companies not using local banks for acquiring.

Bottom line is that there is pedestrian growth in developed markets and massive growth in African consumer markets, particularly online.

Contact us now to capitalise on this African consumer opportunity with African Payment Solutions online