26 Apr Big Opportunity for USA eCommerce Merchants to Sell to Kenyan Consumers and Get Paid Online with M-Pesa

President Obama’s visit to Kenya aligned with the Sixth Global Entrepreneurship Summit will underpin future cooperation between Kenya and the USA.  The focus is on strengthening democratic institutions; spurring economic growth, trade and investment; advancing peace and security; and promoting opportunity and development.

A big win that no-one is focusing on is the huge opportunity for collaboration between USA eCommerce websites and service providers and the sale of goods and services online to African consumers in Kenya.

Obama is paving the way for eCommerce businesses to hook up with local Kenyan online payment services and bring American services to Kenyan consumers.  The easiest way to make this happen is with M-Pesa which is now available online via payment gateway African Payment Solutions.

The USA is looking for closer cooperation with these African countries:  Kenya, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Tunisia.  Kenya and Nigeria are two key hubs and markets for eCommerce.

Multinational merchants wanting to sell to Kenya will need to enable M-Pesa which covers most of the economically active Kenyan population.  And debit card covers most of the economically active Nigerian population. Both of which are available through African Payment Solutions.

The Kenyan consumer online market is hungry for US goods and services.  Particularly online digital services like software, streaming, social media advertising, gaming, FX and binary.  Imports from the US in 2014 were almost $2bn and growing.

The added benefit for multinational eCommerce merchants wanting to get paid online in local Kenyan and Nigerian currency is that these two payment methods experience a lot less fraud than credit card.  M-Pesa transactions are initiated  by a consumer on their mobile which helps with KYC, and payment online with Nigerian debit cards requires a PIN.

If you are a multinational merchant looking to get paid online in Kenya and Nigeria in local currency with local payment methods most commonly used by locals then contact African Payment Solutions now.

(Thank you to https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000169462/obama-s-visit-and-what-it-holds-for-kenya for some of this information)