28 Apr M-Pesa is Africa’s Plastic Form of Online Payment

M-Pesa is Africa’s plastic form of payment. Who would have thought that Kenyans, most of whom have M-Pesa mobile payment (now enabled for online payment for eCommerce and mCommerce purchases) would leapfrog the world’s most sophisticated economies.

And can you believe it, this M-Pesa payment method is used not by only the economically privileged few, but anyone anywhere in Kenya. And they are on their mobile phone. With the phenomenal growth in low cost smartphone penetration this is a massive opportunity for global multinational eCommerce businesses wanting to tap into this market.

Multinational eCommerce merchants can now get paid online with M-Pesa through payment gateway African Payment Solutions who takes care of the whole M-Pesa payment process, simply, economically and effectively.

All you need to do is integrate to African Payment Solutions, we switch it on for you and hey presto you can switch on sales to Kenyan consumers. This service is for established multinational eCommerce businesses with a solid track record.

More than 17 million consumers use their phones to pay for goods or transfer money using M-Pesa. That is two thirds of the population who know how to pay, do it regularly and are potential consumers.