29 Apr Don’t Waste Your Time Accepting Credit card Online in Kenya

According to regulusweb.com, “less than 165,000 Kenyans (0.005% of the population!) own a credit card”.  This as compared to M-Pesa which is acceptable to more than 70% of the population.

In addition to this imbalance, there are manual checks done on credit card transactions and 3D Secure is not an exact science in Kenya at this stage. Getting hold of the acquirer or issuer of the card in a foreign country is not easy as a result of language and telecoms infrastructure problems.

Combining the credit card fraud propensity as compared with low fraud on M-Pesa, anyone who doesn’t enable M-Pesa for online eCommerce transactions is missing out on more than 99% of the population when it comes to eCommerce.

Doing a credit card transaction on a mobile phone is not that easy either.  M-Pesa is specifically designed for payment on a mobile device.

The abandonment rate of credit card transactions is likely to be high as compared with mobile payment methods like M-Pesa.  Most Kenyans use M-Pesa on a daily basis, so they know how it works.

African Payment Solutions have built the simplicity of M-Pesa into their global first world platform, compatible for immediate implementation of eCommerce and mCommerce for multinational merchants.

If you are a multinational eCommerce company, contact us now to get M-Pesa going for your sales to Kenyan consumers