30 Apr Why Use a Global Payment Gateway Capability with Local Kenyan Online Payment Method M-Pesa

Trust is a big issue for consumers buying online in Kenya.  They don’t trust local companies to deliver the goods or service when they buy online.  This highlights the importance of having a good brand and using a trusted and reputable payment gateway service to boost and instill confidence in consumers.

The other thing is to make sure local trusted payment methods are used like M-Pesa online.  The added advantage is that consumers already use M-Pesa to transact and so there is a high level of trust already.

The combination of a known multinational brand, a trusted payment gateway and local payment methods will significantly increase conversion when it comes to eCommerce and mCommerce for multinational merchants selling online to Kenyan consumers.

Some merchants have tried COD, but this is  short term solution as it comes with very high risks in terms of cash heists, the problems and cost of cash management, and the fact that the consumer may not be there when the goods are delivered.

The writer puts forward two suggestions on how to improve the situation for merchants

  1.  Is to make websites look more professional so that there is a higher level of trust.

This is not a problem for multinational merchants selling to Kenyan consumers.  What multinational merchants can do is to customise the look and feel for Kenyan merchants to give them a locally compatible experience, and to feature local payment methods for online payment.  Starting with M-Pesa online for ecommerce purchases which covers most of the population.

  1.  Is for payment gateways serving kenya to provide a user experience that is reliable and user-friendly and features local payment methods.

This is an easy one because African Payment Solutions is a global payment gateway engine with built in and tried and tested reliability and functionality featuring local payment methods, making it easy for multinational online merchants to get paid online by Kenyan consumers easily, effectively and cost-effectively.

Our thanks to https://regulusweb.com/articles/online-payments-in-kenya/ for content inspiration