02 May Simplicity of M-Pesa for Online Payment in Kenya Now Accessible to the Western World

Mobile payments in the developing world are life changing as compared to the developed world where they are a new channel for doing business.

This is different for 20m Kenyans who are part of an ecosystem as a result of being able to transact with M-Pesa.  With increasing bandwidth penetration and speed, these consumers are fast becoming part of the network of the developed world.

And in an economy which is growing at three to four times the rate of the the global economies.

Local Kenyans have not had the luxury of paying with credit cards and have made their own way.  They use M-Pesa to pay their doctor’s bills, shopping, and with any generation of mobile phone.  They are not restricted by the developed work parameters of having to pay with a smartphone.  Kenyans have been paying at the till with M-Pesa since time immemorial, whilst the developed nations are still coming to terms with this.

M-Pesa has helped Kenyans to leapfrog western nations with the simplicity of their technology.

Now global companies can benefit from the simplicity of M-Pesa, accepting transactions from consumers easily and economically online.  Consumers can now pay online with M-Pesa through African Payment Solutions payment gateway.

African Payment Solutions has a payment gateway processing engine that is tried and tested and linked to more than 70 banks and payment methods worldwide.

More importantly the focus is on Africa and even more importantly Sub-Saharan Africa.  Kenya and Nigeria are the big hubs for multinationals wanting to sell online via eCommerce and mCommerce to Kenyan consumers using M-Pesa in Kenya and Debit Card in Nigeria.

The founders of M-Pesa say they had no idea it would become so successful.  They had no idea that today’s consumer would be able to buy from international companies, on international websites and pay online with M-Pesa via a tried and tested global but local payment gateway.  Bringing first world goods and services to Kenyan consumers.  Downloads, digital goods and services that can be paid for and downloaded in an instant.


Our thanks to http://www.pymnts.com/in-depth/2015/m-pesa-and-the-secret-of-mobile-payments/#.VauX9BOqqko for content inspiration