09 May Global Internet Merchants Sell To African Consumers accepting M-Pesa in Kenya and Verve Debit Card in Nigeria

Africa is the place to be for global merchants looking to increase their market penetration and to improve margins.  Global operators really need to learn about Africa and how it works.

Companies trying to set up in Africa with only global payment methods are going to fail.  Global payment methods are just not compatible with Africans.  Africa has its own payment methods like M-Pesa in Kenya and PIN- based debit card in Nigeria.

Each region and country has its own set of local payment methods.

M-Pesa is the most popular payment method in Kenya and debit card is the most popular payment method in Nigeria.    Global operators need meet African needs.  This is tough to get sorted in terms of local language, comms and local infrastructure.

The nice thing about M-Pesa and Verve is that they are relatively fraud-free.  M-Pesa is on the consumer’s phone so validation is easy, and Verve is a pin-based debit card.

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