11 May eCommerce is Growing Apace Throughout Africa With Payment Methods Like M-Pesa Online

The centre of Africa’s economy is eCommerce.  The faster the growth in bandwidth and the more consumers are on the web, the more opportunity for multinational merchants to sell their goods and services to African consumers.

Africa is largely an unexplored continent when it comes to eCommerce.  eCommerce is growing apace throughout Africa and payment methods like M-Pesa online in Kenya and Debit card with PIN in Nigeria are making easier for multinational merchants to sell to African consumers.

The top seven eCommerce friendly and active countries according to a recent AIG study with McKinsey are Senegal, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana.

Cameroon, Egypt and Tanzania are the next in line which are buoyant and on their way up.

As the second fastest growing region in the world, Africa is a honeypot for multinational merchants to sell online to african consumers

Our thanks to http://ventureburn.com/2014/12/7-african-countries-booming-ecommerce-markets/ for content inspiration