12 May Multinational eCommerce Merchants Expanding to Kenya With Easy M-Pesa Online Payment

Nearly everybody in Kenya uses M-Pesa (which translated means M for Mobile and Pesa for Payment) and this is the main payment method that can be used by multinational eCommerce merchants for payment for online sale of goods and services.

M-Pesa is common currency in Kenya and can be topped up by locals at more than 45,000 independent agents.  It is safer than carrying around cash and ready and easy to pay with at a moment’s notice.

Kenyans with a smartphone can browse and buy and those with an old phone can go to an internet cafe and browse and buy eCommerce goods and pay using USSD.  This is as a result of African Payment Solutions who is linked to more than 70 global banks worldwide off a solid first world infrastructure on the Amazon Cloud and is now open for acceptance of M-Pesa online by local Kenyans.

Global eCommerce merchants looking for online payment in Kenya don’t even have to set up in-country.  A simple merchant KYC and international ecommerce merchants can be open for online business in Kenya in 24 hours.

“Transactions are limited to limits to 70,000 shillings ($600) a day so eCommerce sales to local Kenyans need to be throttled to that level.”

The nice thing about M-Pesa as opposed to credit card is that it is relatively fraud free.  It is on the person’s mobile and it is access controlled.

So here is a brand new internet market ready and waiting for consumption of international online eCommerce goods and services with payment that is low risk and accessible to almost everyone in Kenya.

For reliable internet payments using M-Pesa online, contact African Payment Solutions now.

Our thanks to http://www.bloomberg.com/bw/articles/2014-06-05/safaricoms-m-pesa-turns-kenya-into-a-mobile-payment-paradise for their content inspiration