23 May The Way for Multinational eCommerce and mCommerce Merchants to Get Paid in Kenya and Nigeria

The only way to keep up with the growth in the demand for eCommerce and mCommerce is to provide a way for eCommerce and mCommerce multinationals to get paid.  This has resulted in a growing enablement of local and emerging market payment methods  for online payment.  

Mobile payment methods are essential at the checkout due to the high mobile phone penetration and use in emerging markets.  For example with M-Pesa the transaction can take place on the mobile or on the internet but the payment happens on the consumer’s mobile itself.  

Local consumers need to see the payment methods at the checkout that they are used to using every day.  They want local options.  There is no point in offering credit and debit card in Kenya for example when it is not in use by most of the population or it is not enabled for online use.  

Multinational merchants need to offer local currency and local payment methods like M-Pesa which are trusted.  It is a waste of time using fancy methods like Apple Pay or Google Wallet when the Kenyan consumers have never heard of it.  M-Pesa is their daily payment method of choice – simple as that.  

That is why African Payment Solutions offers M-Pesa as an online payment option to multinational merchants wanting to sell to Kenyan consumers.

The right payment method is a good starting point for merchants tackling emerging markets.  African Payment Solutions (as the name says) focuses on getting multinational global merchants paid in African countries.   Online payment with M-Pesa in Kenya and online payment with Verve local debit card in Nigeria are a good starting point.

Our thanks to http://dazeinfo.com/2015/07/20/what-does-growth-in-emerging-markets-mean-for-e-commerce/ for their content inspiration