24 May Kenya Online Payment Methods – Equity’s Equitel vs Safaricom’s M-Pesa for eCommerce Payments

Equity bank in Kenya has launched its own mobile money service to take on Safaricom’s M-Pesa which has up to 20m active users.  M-Pesa is the entrenched payment method of choice in Kenya.

It is now enabled for online use for consumers to purchase eCommerce goods and services.  Kenyan consumers can now stream videos and music, play online games, gamble online, get software downloads and many other services – all paid for online with their favourite payment method M-Pesa.

Mobile money like M-Pesa and the new Equitel means that Kenyan consumers can transfer money and pay bills using their mobile phone 24/7/365

This means that the up to 20m Kenyan M-Pesa users can go to an internet cafe or if they have PC or a smartphone buy goods and services from multinational eCommerce and mCommerce merchants 24/7 and pay with M-Pesa.  This is because African Payment Solutions payment gateway has opened up M-Pesa for many global merchants with a good track record.  

Switching it on is simple.  Integrate and start trading within 24 hours.  Payments are collected and paid over to merchants making it easy to get going without the complexity and cost of setting up in-country.  Over time, merchants can set up their own legal entity, bank accounts and merchant accounts if they wish.  

African Payment Solutions is a global gateway linked to more than 70 banks and alternative payment methods and is focused on getting multinational merchants paid simply in African countries with local payment methods

Our thanks to http://www.finextra.com/news/fullstory.aspx?newsitemid=27625 for their content inspiration