25 May Digital Viewing Levels Combined with M-Pesa Online Payment Bode Well for eCommerce in Kenya

Kenya’s internet penetration is growing at one of the fastest paces in the world.  Global online merchants can hitch a ride for increasing revenues and profits.

Kenya’s internet penetration rate at 50% is growing at almost 50% per annum  with over 20m people with access to the internet.    It has the fastest internet for the cheapest price and claims to have the fastest bandwidth per person in Africa.

More than 90% of Kenyans have a mobile phone and more than 70% of their phones are enabled for payment with mobile money.  More than 20% do a mobile money transaction at least once a day and now these transactions can be done online via African Payment Solutions payment gateway.  

Kenyans have digital TV which is one of the most advanced in Africa and a third of Kenyan households own a TV set.  TV is their primary source of information.  This makes it a great consumer market.  The combination of TV advertising and eCommerce and mCommerce, and the ability for Kenyans to pay online or on their phone with M-Pesa is compelling.  

If you include DBV-T@ dongles and other methods for receiving TV signal, up to two thirds of Kenyan households have access to digital viewing and are in a position to buy online and pay the merchant via African Payment Solutions with M-Pesa online payment.  

Our thanks to http://www.marklives.com/2015/07/talk-africa-kenya-going-digital/#.VbHYLBOqqko for their content inspiration