27 May 20m of The 40m Kenya Population Can Pay With M-Pesa – African Payment Solutions Online Payment Update

Safaricom dominates Kenya’s mobile money landscape with M-Pesa and claim to have more than 20m M-Pesa users in Kenya.  This is 20m Kenyans who can pay with their mobile out of 40m total Kenya population ie 50% of the population can pay with their mobile phone.  

This is a high percentage compared to China for example where they have a population of 1.357 billion of which 16m active Tencent registered users ie 1% of the population and and Alibaba’s online payment method Alipay which has 350 million registered users ie 25% of the Chinese population who can pay with Alipay.  

So China wins by volume but when it comes to simplicity, then it comes to the right products for the right market – a good product market match in the online shopping market, Kenya is relatively homogeneous.  

The pervasive payment method in Kenya, now available through African Payment Solutions, is M-Pesa.  M-Pesa can be used to apply online for eCommerce goods and services by any of the 50% of the population who have access to the internet.