30 May Global eCommerce Merchants Expanding to Emerging Markets like Kenya and Nigeria

The scramble for Africa by the Telcos is growing in momentum and mobile money is enjoying the benefits of their land grab for a piece of the markets as a value add.  

Telcos are effectively the banks of Africa and with the penetration of mobile customers, they’re well positioned to expand their services to their consumers and bring about financial inclusion.  

This is great news for eCommerce merchants looking to expand to emerging markets like Kenya.  All you need is “a mobile phone that can pay” which is exactly what Kenya is like right now.  More than 50% of the population have a mobile phone and can pay using M-Pesa.  

This network operator drive for financial inclusion has now been enabled and accelerated for global eCommerce merchants.  African Payment Solutions is bridging the “payment divide” between global merchants who have goods and services that are attractive to local Kenyan merchants, and consumers who are will and able to pay.

A tried and trusted online payment system and payment gateway with 16 years solid track record can provide global eCommerce merchants with a simple and easy way to get paid online with M-Pesa.

Payment transactions in Kenya have increased 24% every year to more than 2m Kenyan Shillings (more than $25m)

The enablement of M-Pesa for online payment by African Payment Solutions is revolutionising Kenyan eCommerce and mCommerce bringing global goods and services to developing markets.

Our thanks to http://www.itweb.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=143638:Kenya-sets-mobile-money-example&catid=260 for their content inspiration