31 May Test the Water with African eCommerce – Kenya M-Pesa Online Payment and Nigerian Online Debit Card

The latest in transformation of the digital economy is “Networked businesses” who inter-transact.  Digital transformation is taking place within the digital industry.  

New business opportunities arise from next-generation ideas and new frontiers with expanded revenues and profits.  

For example take Uber’s revolutionising of the taxi industry, its expansion into other transport services, and its global expansion to new emerging markets like Kenya and Nigeria.  Disruptions are inevitable and new markets like Kenya and Nigeria consumers are hungry and ready for adoption.

To make it easier, payments in these markets are relatively homogenous via African Payment Solutions with M-Pesa online payment in Kenya and PIN-based local debit card online in Nigeria.  A simple integration and local solution covers most of the economically active consumer population.

The ability to get paid online with M-Pesa is undercapitalised on by Global eCommerce and mCommerce companies looking for more profitable emerging markets that are undercompeted.

Multinationals are checking out good opportunities to put down their footprint in the digital arena with easy and economical access to consumers on a kind of “test the water” basis.  This is relatively easy for digital eCommerce offerings, marketed and sold online to Kenyan and Nigerian consumers who can pay online through African Payment Solutions payment gateway with their M-Pesa mobile money in Kenya and PIN-based local debit card in Nigeria.

Our thanks to http://www.itweb.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=144210:Digital-economy-growth-opportunity-for-African-entrepreneurs&catid=69 for their content inspiration