01 Jun Five Facts About M-Pesa Online for Global eCommerce Merchants Selling to Kenyan Consumers

Five facts merchants need to know about before accepting M-Pesa online on your website:

  1. Maximum value of an M-Pesa online transaction is KSh 70,000 (Approx $680)
  2. The maximum allowed daily total transaction value is KSh 140,000 (Approx $1,350)
  3. A simple integration to African Payment Solutions will give you M-Pesa as a payment method on your website
  4. You can accept M-Pesa payments online without an integration using African Payment Solutions eBilling service – send out an eBill, customer clicks on a link and pays
  5. Customers buy and check out on your eCommerce website, complete the transaction on their mobile, and African Payment Solutions sends you confirmation of payment
  6. African Payment Solutions get the money into their aggregator account and repatriate it to you wherever you are
  7. You can view all M-Pesa online transactions in real time in the African Payment Solutions back office hosted online reporting system

African Payment Solutions is a PCI compliant payment gateway linked to many banks worldwide, servicing and linked to local African payment methods. Contact African Payment Solutions to get paid online in African countries.