03 Jun Lives of Women in Kenya Improved with M-Pesa a Payment Method That Can Now Be Used Online for eCommerce Purchases

M-Pesa has made a big difference to the lives of the women in Kenya.  It has brought the easy purchase of goods and services to the underbanked and in remote regions.

M-Pesa has bridged gaps in terms of age, developed and underdeveloped, banked and unbanked, and regional isolation.

Women of all ages in all regions of Kenya, banked or unbanked, are transacting using M-Pesa and through African Payment Solutions can buy online.

With M-Pesa, Kenyan consumers can save up for purchasing goods and services.  They can transact using their mobile phone for eCommerce and mCommerce, they can communicate, they can pay for education, their money is safe, they can do business.  There is no need to get to a bank and payments and transfers can be done remotely.

It saves time and money by not having to stand in queues, not having to draw and carry cash, not having to pay bank fees, not having to travel everywhere to do transactional things.

With increasing connectivity, bandwidth, smartphone penetration, consumer incomes and education, the consumer market enabled with M-Pesa online through African Payment Solutions is ready for multinationals to get in on the ground floor and build.

With the connectivity and ability to transact and pay, women of all ages can get together at conferences, seminars, buying groups, “tupperware parties” to improve their wealth and  lifestyles.

Never has the time been so ripe eCommerce and mCommerce fired by growing fintech in Africa.

Our thanks to http://bluzelle.com/blog/m-pesa-improves-women-lives-in-kenya for their content inspiration