06 Jun Get Paid Online by Kenyan Consumers Using Safaricom’s M-Pesa

M-Pesa online lowers the cost for consumers wanting to transact on the internet.  Now, M-Pesa users can access international goods and services via the internet or a smartphone and pay using M-Pesa.  M-Pesa facilitates immediate transfer of funds from the consumer’s M-Pesa account to the merchant business account.  

African Payment Solutions payment gateway has made it easy for international and multinational merchants to get paid online by Kenyan consumers using Safaricom’s M-Pesa which is in use by more than 20m Kenyans.

This provides access to Kenya’s developing economy for global merchants wanting to trade and get paid online in Kenya.  This mobile money payment method in Kenya has completely revolutionised business in the territory and will now provide leapfrog access for Kenyans to international goods and services, easily and affordably.  

Locals businesses are already taking advantage of the convenience of using M-Pesa for payment across the country, one of which is a mail order CD business which ships CD’s when M-Pesa payment is received for online orders.

Everyone in Kenya is aware of M-Pesa and has access to using it.  This combined with rising internet connectivity and smartphone penetration makes Kenya ripe for eCommerce and mCommerce by multinationals who want to launch in the territory and get paid online with Kenya’s most popular payment method.

Our thanks to https://www.atlasnetwork.org/news/article/m-pesa-lowers-transaction-costs-sparks-entrepreneurship-in-kenya for their content inspiration