08 Jun Bridging the Divide Between African Consumers and Global eCommerce Companies – African Payment Solutions Now Online

It is the time for fintech in Africa with M-Pesa mobile money transfers and payment leading the way.  Financial services is growing rapidly as a value proposition and connecting individuals and businesses, fuelling the African consumer boom.

Utility bill payment online is preparing the way for eCommerce and mCommerce transacting.  African Payment Solutions, is enabling multinational businesses to accept M-Pesa online for sales of goods and services to Kenyan consumers.

African Payment Solutions is facilitating cross border eCommerce and mCommerce with easy payment by consumers in an increasing number of African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Mauritius, Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique.

The funds, for example with M-Pesa online payment, are transferred immediately and the payment is irrevocable so fraud is kept to a minimum.   A simple single integration via API opens up multiple territories for multinational eCommerce companies.

African Payment Solutions is a payment gateway for online payment acceptance in African countries for reputable multinational eCommerce companies outside of Africa.  African payment methods like M-Pesa can now be accepted online on eCommerce websites targeting Kenyan consumers.