16 Jun Telecom Cooperation is Accelerating pan-African eCommerce and Payment

Payment networks across Africa are being accelerated by cooperation between telecoms companies.  Telecoms companies are the new banks in Africa with their mobile payment methods like M-Pesa and Airtel.

Africa is fast becoming a world leader in mobile payments with low tech, pan-African payment solutions which can now be accepted for payment by multinational and global eCommerce companies with an integration to African Payment Solutions payment gateway.

Vodacom and MTN are cooperating to facilitate transfers of money between their consumers and in Kenya telecoms operators are cooperating on the same basis.  Increasing mobile connectivity, mobile payment and smartphone penetration are accelerating mCommerce and eCommerce reach for international companies looking for new and faster growing markets.

Telecoms companies are looking to driving this fintech and payments aspect of their businesses to make up for flagging revenues from voice and data.  African Payment Solutions has the benefit of a pan-African project by a multinational company to link up the primary payment methods in 17 countries.

Interconnectivity and the availability of multiple countries, currencies and African payment methods through a single simple integration to African Payment Solutions is bringing local online payment to global eCommerce and mCommerce companies.

Our thanks to http://www.wsj.com/articles/africa-makes-leap-in-cross-border-mobile-payments-1437730380 for their content inspiration