22 Jun Widespread Adoption and Penetration of Mobile Payment Good for eCommerce in Africa

eCommerce and online payments are accelerating at a pace as a result of more and more Kenyan businesses going online.  Mobile payment as a result of their widespread adoption and penetration by consumers is the payment channel of choice.

Multinational eCommerce merchants can now enjoy the cost benefit of a single integration for many local pan-African payment methods through African Payment Solutions.  African Payment Solutions is a world class PCI Level 1 payment gateway hosted in the Amazon Cloud.  

Merchants can enjoy a global standard of quality and reliability and the benefit of local payment facilitation, without the hassle of dealing with and setting up payment integrations in multiple pan-African countries.

Accepting credit card in African countries is a bit of a waste of time at this stage, but is available if merchants would like to settle to local banks in for example Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa.  South Africa and Mauritius have relatively high credit card levels, but the rest are supported mainly by local and often mobile payment methods.

Accepting credit card online in for example Kenya and Nigeria can be problematic as a result of manual checks and blocking for online use.  But can be enabled to catch a few more consumers in the net.  Nigerian Verve debit cards are their most important local payment method and are pin-based which is great for fraud reduction.

COD is a common way of paying for online goods in Kenya, but it can be really irritating for consumers and costly and time wasting for merchants who need to make sure someone is there with the cash on delivery.  This in addition to the risk of cash in transit.  This is why more and more merchants are linking to African Payment Solutions for local online payment via M-Pesa, credit card and debit card in countries like Kenya and Nigeria.

Our thanks to https://regulusweb.com/articles/online-payments-in-kenya/ for their content inspiration