24 Jun Africa May Have Challenges with Governance, Electricity and Water – But Africa is Leading When it Comes to Mobile Connectivity and Mobile Online Payment

There are challenges in Africa with lack of infrastructure, governance, bandwidth, electricity and water, BUT when it comes to mobile connectivity it is up there with the rest of the world and oftentimes ahead of them.  Africa has more mobile subscriptions than the USA or the EU and most likely more mobile payment connected consumers than the rest of the world, with a simple and increasingly interoperable mobile payment capability.

More African consumers have access to mobile services and mobile payment than electricity and potable water.  And this is just the start as the growth in consumer mobile connections is growing at almost twice the global growth rate.  There are more than 1 billion mobile connected consumers.  Kenya for example has 30m+ mobile subscribers which is more than 80% of the population.

Most of these consumers are connected to M-Pesa which can now be added as an eCommerce payment method for multinational eCommerce merchants wanting to sell goods and services to Kenyan consumers.   Kenyan consumers can now pay for goods and services purchased on the internet using M-Pesa Online.  A single integration to African Payment Solutions provides a number of African country payment methods.  

People in villages are connected to and can send money back and forth with people in the cities.  These consumers with access to the internet or a smartphone can buy things and pay for them using M-Pesa online payment as a result of African Payment Solutions payment gateway checkout.  The process is simple, low tech and effective and has limited or no fraud risk as a result of knowing the mobile consumer and the M-Pesa validation of the consumer.

Thank you to http://themarketmogul.com/mobile-payments-revolutionising-african-lives/ for their content inspiration