28 Jun African Appetite for Fast Track Mobile Connectivity and Mobile Money Online Payment

Africans have an increasing appetite for better technology, and providers are finding more economical solutions to providing it.   Smartphone penetration in Africa will be one of the fastest transitions in tech history as cost effective technology meets the hunger for being connected and exploring and consuming information and entertainment.

The top seven mobile operators have between them almost 200m mobile consumers and are rapidly munching their way through the balance of 400m.  Telecoms companies are the financial institutions of Africa which has created this fast track rollout of “banking” services and mobile money capability effectively at the same rate as mobile connectivity.

Smartphone penetration in Nigeria for example is more than 30% of the 140m connections and Kenya is known for its fintech capability, mobile payment market penetration, and connectivity.

African Payment Solutions payment gateway can provide multinational merchants with payment facilitation for the primary online payment methods in Africa including Verve debit card with PIN in Nigeria and M-Pesa in Kenya.

Thank you to http://themarketmogul.com/mobile-payments-revolutionising-african-lives/ for their content inspiration