26 Jul Online Payment Kenya: Mobile Payment Methods Overshadowed Card Payments

Kenyan mobile money revenues are up from an annual average KES 2.2tr to KES 2.6tr in 2015 as more and more businesses link to mobile payment methods like M-Pesa in the country.  

M-Pesa is now linked as an eCommerce payment method through a single integration to African Payment Solutions, a world class payment gateway hosted in the Amazon Cloud.

Global eCommerce businesses can now link to M-Pesa mobile payment method in Kenya and open up for business to this consumer market.

The growth in the number of integrations and expansion of businesses to Kenya has catalysed this growth as well as the increasing product diversity and consumer interest in buying online.  

Average daily mobile payment method transactions in Kenya are up from 6.2bn KES to 7.3bn KES this year.  The number of mobile payment customers are up from 25.9m to 26.5m which is a lot of consumers that are connected and hungry for buying international goods and services online from mCommerce and eCommerce websites.

Mobile money and mobile payment methods with their ease of use overshadowed the growth in card payments which declined by 4.2% in the same period.   Whilst payment methods like M-Pesa can be universally used to purchase eCommerce and mCommerce goods and services online, many cards in Kenya are not enabled, and are even blocked for online use.

Multinationals looking for African payment methods like M-Pesa online in Kenya can contact the team at African Payment Solutions


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