28 Jul Online payment in Africa: eCommerce in South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania

To continue our discussion on eCommerce in Africa linked to online payment.

South Africa is a mature market for eCommerce and online payment in Africa.  African Payment Solutions payment gateway is linked through a single integration to all acquiring banks and alternative payment methods with a close to 100% coverage of anyone in a position to buy online in South Africa.  

Global companies looking for a pan-African solution can enjoy the simplicity of a single relationship to get good consumer coverage.  South African consumers are internet ready and internet penetration is high.  As a mature market in Africa, South Africa Is an easy place to expand to for multinational merchants.  

Ghana is a friendly country to do business and often a soft landing into Nigeria.  Internet penetration is low at 20% but there is an appetite for eCommerce which is well supported by the government.  

Tanzania is a good country for eCommerce as a result of growing connectivity and ease with which to do business.  Online payment in Tanzania can be done with M-Pesa which is not through the same connection as M-Pesa in Kenya.  In some respects it is an easier place to do business than Kenya.  Jumia for example has opened for business in Tanzania.  

If you are looking for online payment for your eCommerce expansion into Africa, contact African Payment Solutions now to link online payment methods of choice in your target countries.