01 Aug eCommerce Payment in Africa: Hitch a Ride on the Back of a Connected Online African Economy

There is a big drive in Kenya for public-private partnerships to stimulate economic activity and bring the community in contact with the opportunity to develop businesses that will transform society.  

Safaricom transformed Kenya’s economy as the most successful mobile payment platform in the world.  Their payment method M-Pesa facilitates consumer transacting enabling depositing, withdrawing and transferring money.  

Consumers can also pay multinational merchants for goods and services online through African Payment Solutions payment gateway.  All of this simply, economically and effectively using their mobile phone of any description.

Safaricom with their M-Pesa online payment method has completely transformed East African business and connected millions of consumers to the international web.

Literally 20m Kenyan consumers can pay for electricity, school fees, parking, groceries and anything else they would like to buy.  All they need is an internet connection via PC or a smartphone they can buy goods online and pay with M-Pesa.  Rich or poor have the exact same ability to pay.

Watch this space and see how this economy leapfrogs existing developed economies and creates a new model for economic transformation of emerging markets.  Multinational merchants can hitch a ride with African Payment Solutions payment gateway to enable online payment by local Africans in their home country and currency using their favoured and trusted online payment methods.

Our thanks to http://allafrica.com/stories/201508040874.html for their content inspiration