18 Aug Online Payment in Africa: Facebook Paves the Way for eCommerce in Kenya

Even Facebook is adventuring into Africa interactively with it’s Internet.org app and introducing new services to the Kenyan consumer market.  Facebook is venturing into 17 countries in partnership with mobile operators to provide free facebooking and basic internet services to consumers.

Internet.org is now availabile to more than a billion consumers throughout Africa covering the following countries:  Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia in East Africa and Ghana, Senegal and Angola in West Africa, and South Africa and Malawi in Southern Africa.

Multinational eCommerce operators like facebook are realising the growth opportunity in Africa as the fastest growing consumer market in the world.  They are partnering with developers to grow and monetise services.  The challenge is for eCommerce companies to to get paid in African countries.  

African Payment Solutions is a world class PCI Level 1 compliant payment gateway linking global digital providers to African consumers who want to pay with their local African mobile payment method of choice.

Our thanks to http://www.gbn.co.za/articles/dailynews/4665/0.html for their content inspiration