26 Aug Emerging Market Online Payments Growing Fast

According to yStats.com, emerging market online payment grew by 50% last year and mobile payment methods are growing even faster.  In Nigeria mobile payments grew ten times and COD is becoming less popular.  

Across Africa, mobile payment providers are linking up to ensure interoperability to further drive the financial inclusion and mass adoption and penetration of consumer paymentability.

The heavyweights, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal are all in a race to win consumers over with their payment method.  Particularly when it comes to mobile payment and online payment which is growing apace across Africa.  

Security is a consideration for merchants expanding to African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Rwanda and others.  They need to choose payment methods that are secure, to ensure that they can bank their eCommerce or mCommerce payment and deliver their goods or service.  

Multinational merchants wanting to expand to African countries can get advice from African Payment Solutions on which payment methods are a priority and secure for their eCommerce and mCommerce sales to African consumers.

Our thanks to http://cpifinancial.net/news/post/32306/online-payment-environments-worldwide-remain-dynamic for their content inspiration