16 Sep Online Payment Methods in Kenya and Nigeria

Kenyan mobile money legislation is tightening up with the instruction to Safaricom to be more transparent with its M-Pesa billing system and to bring it into the public domain.  

M-Pesa has always been a very affordable way to pay bills and to shop and pay online on eCommerce sites.    eCommerce in Kenya is growing in double digits annually as a result of consumer connectivity and ability to pay with a tried and tested payment method like M-Pesa.

Internet and mobile payment methods are growing rapidly spurred on by financial inclusion initiatives by governments and even card companies like MasterCard.  Payment methods in Nigeria (local debit card with pin) and Kenya (M-Pesa) are making it easy for multinational eCommerce companies to expand across the African continent .

Pan-African eCommerce expansion from a payment perspective is relatively easy.  A single integration to African Payment Solutions payment gateway links eCommerce merchants to a number of African online payment methods – this incorporates mobile payment methods and internet payment methods.  

A good start would be M-Pesa in Kenya which serves the more than 20m Kenyans who have access to the internet and can pay with M-Pesa.  Nigeria is another easy market where the majority of urbanised Nigerians have a debit card that can be used to purchase goods and services online.  Fraud is relatively low because it is pin-based.

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