Topics covered:  Primary forms of online payment; Regional markets; Government eCommerce; 3D Secure;  Acquiring currency; Verve and China Unionpay


I have just returned from Nairobi Kenya and wow, have things changed in such a short time for all of us in online payments and getting paid by Kenyan consumers.   Uber made our trip an absolute pleasure at a total transport cost of less than $70 for the week to meet with our Kenyan banks and mobile payment service providers.  


This compared to previous visits where we had to hire a driver at $70 a day to organise and harmonise our eCommerce payment via credit card, debit card and M-Pesa which are the primary forms of online payment in Kenya.


Banks have expanded their footprint thanks to regional cooperation and one of our banks there is now in 6 markets including Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and Burundi.  eCommerce and online payment is growing apace and consumers are being educated through government who is currently this bank’s biggest customer for web transactions.  Consumers can pay online for licences, pay bills, parking, passport renewals and visas.


Transactions are authorised directly to Visa and Mastercard for our online transactions and the settlement file delivered to the acquiring bank, so reliability is good.   Although a little behind the curve, Kenya eCommerce payment will soon include dynamic billing descriptors so that merchants can have their name on reflect on the cardholder’s statement.  The most popular mobile payment method in Kenya called M-Pesa can already do this.


3D Secure is becoming mandatory for acquiring, and so risk is minimised for international merchants due to the liability shift to the issuing banks.  Card issuers in Kenya are slow to implement 3D Secure for their online cardholders but it is coming fast.  


As part of our suite of Kenyan online payment solutions, we can acquire in local currency, Kenyan Shillings and USD.  The opportunity also exists for acquiring in local currency for South Sudan and Burundi


Most cards in Kenya have been converted to Visa and Mastercards and the rest of the private label cards are rapidly migrating to the schemes.   Verve debit card and China Unionpay are less common but growing due to their lower cost of acquiring.  

So if you want to get in on the ground floor and let your business grow as consumer incomes, connectivity, card usability and the hunger for western goods and services grows, then contact us at African Payment Solutions to take care of your pan-African online and eCommerce payment needs.

Wishing you well with your eCommerce business in Africa

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