Scheme cards in circulation; Debit card enablement for online purchasing;  eCommerce hubs in Africa;  African eCommerce strategy;  Repatriation of funds to international merchants;  MDR;  Conversion rates;  Decline rates;  Reasons sited for local acquiring


There are approximately 12m-14m scheme cards in circulation and there is talk that the 2% of non-scheme cards could be phased out by the end of 2017.    The 200,000 credit cards in circulation in Kenya are a very small part of getting paid online in Kenya and hardly worth considering.  Debit cards are not all enabled for online purchasing and many are not enrolled for 3D Secure yet.  Credit cards and prepaid cards are mostly usable on for eCommerce payment for eCommerce purchases.


Kenya is one of three eCommerce hubs Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya which are central to African eCommerce payment and cannot be ignored and a good place to start when it comes to an African eCommerce strategy.


We have organised for easy repatriation of funds to our merchants around the world as a result of our local representation, legal entity and compliance.  MDR is relatively high in Kenya as a result of the relatively high interchange rates charged by Visa and Mastercard as compared to the UK, Europe and USA.  


Local acquiring is important to improve conversion rates.  Banks outside the African territory have high decline rates as a result of the blocking of transactions originating from issuing banks in Africa.  Reasons sited for local acquiring are “settlement is faster, higher approval rate, exchange rates through Mastercard and Visa are high far higher than local banks”


Most banks do not allow merchants associated with online gambling, prescription drugs and adult.

So if you want to get in on the ground floor and let your business grow as consumer incomes, connectivity, card usability and the hunger for western goods and services grows, then contact us at African Payment Solutions to take care of your pan-African online and eCommerce payment needs.


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