23 Jan eCommerce Payment Across the African Continent - Languages and Cultural Differences

Africa is an interesting place to do business if you are a multinational looking for online payment solutions on the continent.  It is often regarded as if it were a country with homogeneous people, speaking the same language and the same cultural backgrounds.  Just like Europe with its different languages and cultures, the diversity of African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa is even more extreme.

Even for African payment gateways looking to pan-African expansion have extreme difficulty in merging cultures for cooperation across the continent.  Taking for example Nigeria which has a New York style attitude, Kenya which is far more congenial and South Africa which has a quasi UK/European attitude to business.

It is not easy to work with African gateways and payment methods as a result of the cultural and language differences and the unique way of doing business.  This is where African Payment Solutions with more than 15 years of business across Africa and dealing with multinationals can be useful and shorten “time to go-live” and “time to cash”.

African banks have a low tolerance for risk, they are not quick to settle merchants, and are quick to close down a merchant account over a certain fraud threshold.  What can be useful is implementation of 3D Secure with some of the mainstream banks who have it.  

Most of the banks do not accept gambling, online casinos, pornography or drug stores.    When it comes to territories and currency, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya - the merchant can be paid in dollars.  Currently Visa allows very few international currency settlements.   Contact us for more info on African online and eCommerce payment solutions