24 Jan African eCommerce Payments - Cards vs M-Pesa for Kenya Online Payment Solutions

Kenya is as a politically and economically stable African country is fast becoming one of three African hubs for online payment solutions.  Kenya credit card payments, with more than 10m cards in circulation, are rapidly catching up with Kenya’s leading M-Pesa payment solution.

With a high ATV of almost $50 a transaction, Kenya follows Egypt, Morocco and South Africa.  One in five Kenyans own a card, and can make card payments, and make an average of 35 purchases per annum.

Prepaid cards have helped the growth of online credit card payments in Kenya, although a low percentage of cards are enabled for African eCommerce payments.  In Kenya, M-Pesa as a payment method is key when it comes to an emerging African eCommerce strategy for multinational eCommerce companies expanding to Africa.

African credit card processing has been given a boost by the government acceptance of prepaid cards for purchasing of tickets for public transport.  In Kenya, M-Pesa payments have always been the way for the unbanked and mobile consumers to pay local authority bills, and for public transport.  M-Pesa is pivotal when it comes to Kenya eCommerce payments, but card acceptance is becoming more common.

As clunky as it may be due to its asynchronous nature, M-Pesa is by far the dominant and most acceptable form of payment by consumers in Kenya.  Through a single integration to African Payment Solutions, M-Pesa is one of a number of pan-African online payment solutions accessible to multinational eCommerce companies expanding across the continent.  

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