31 Jan African Payment Solutions: Kenya - Online Payment Billing Descriptors, Chargebacks, Adult and Online Gambling

The banks are risk averse and very strict when it comes to using the correct MCC codes for processing transactions for eCommerce payments.  An incorrect MCC code and billing descriptor will most likely result in repudiation of a chargeback.  

Mainstream banks in Kenya don’t do merchant acquiring for gambling, casinos (online gambling), pornography (adult), drugstores (pharmacy).

Dynamic billing descriptors are possible in certain instances for multinational merchants who are looking for online acquiring in Kenya.  Correct billing descriptors reduce the chances of a chargeback.

The bank procedure for chargebacks of online credit card payments made by consumers to multinational eCommerce company websites are as follows.  Chargebacks are perceived by the banks to be the merchant’s responsibility.  The bank will investigate the reason for the chargeback.  They will make a recommendation.  They will take the money back and then share the documents.  The merchant is required to provide the bank with the feedback.  Then they will put the money back.

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