13 Feb Online Payment in Kenya: Credit Card, Debit Card, M-Pesa - Kenyan Shillings and USD

There are some anomalies for multinational eCommerce merchants who are opening up eCommerce and eCommerce acquiring in Kenya.

Switching to local banks for local Kenyan currency is supported using PayWeb (Redirect), PayXML (API) and PayBill.  A CVV is required for each transaction.  PayWeb is simple and effective for lower end lower volume merchants and PayXML is where multinational merchants need to be PCI compliant and store and transmit card details to African Payment Solutions for processing.  

Visa and MasterCard acquiring rates are a little higher in Kenya than Europe.  Visa has mandated a lower rate for Government and Educational institutions.  Dynamic billing descriptors are supported and online merchants need to be careful to ensure that MCC Codes are correct in order to minimise risk of chargeback repudiation.

The banks generally have three divisions to support multinational eCommerce merchants with their online acquiring including Sales, Technical and Operations.  Local providers Jambopay and Pesapal do local Kenyan processing.  

African Payment Solutions is linked across Africa and particularly in Kenya for credit  card acquiring, debit card acquiring and local Kenyan alternative payment methods like M-Pesa.  

Contact African Payment Solutions for eCommerce payment in Africa.   The service is for multinational eCommerce companies outside of the African continent to sell to African consumers and get paid in their local Kenyan Shillings or USD.