15 Feb African eCommerce Payments: Rwanda Online Acquiring for Multinational eCommerce Merchants

Rwanda is an interesting case in point for eCommerce in Africa when it comes to African eCommerce payments.  The East African “community” is starting to work well with economic reciprocity taking place and the ease of moving money between countries like Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Rwanda has government backing when it comes to tech and connectivity.  As a result of Head of State Paul Kagane’s personal backing of eCommerce and online payment, Rwanda has now with the cooperation of Tigo Rwanda and ROPL, launched Irembo which is a platform which allows Rwandan citizens to pay bills online.

This kind of intervention educates consumers in online payment and gives them a level of comfort to purchase consumers goods using the same local alternative payment methods like Smartcash at eCommerce websites of multinational merchants integrated to African Payment Solutions.

Multinationals are increasingly looking at eCommerce sales to African countries like Rwanda and to accept online payments from African consumers.   The African consumer rising has created a need for multinational eCommerce companies to accept online payments from Africa.  Enabling their online customers to make African ecommerce payments as part of their African eCommerce strategy.  Contact African Payment Solutions for online payment in Africa.

Although a relatively small country with a population of 12 million, it is a friendly place to do business.  They are rebuilding Rwanda as a country and have a great attitude to doing eCommerce business.  RwandAir is a very successful local airline who have a well-functioning eCommerce website through SITA airline booking engine and well-functioning local payment methods.

Contact African Payment Solutions for your African online payment methods for eCommerce payments.

Our thanks for inspiration to  http://techcabal.com/2015/08/24/tigo-and-rwanda-online-launch-irembo-an-online-portal-for-paying-government-dues-in-rwanda/