20 Feb African eCommerce Payments for Multinationals: Smartphone and Analogue-phone Mobile Payment Methods

Smartphone growth in Africa has doubled in two years and consumer adoption of mobile payments using smartphones in Africa is increasing on the back of this.    The drivers of eCommerce and eCommerce payments are a rising consumer market, increased connectivity, smartphone penetration.  Consumers are hungry for international goods and services, and the ability for multinational eCommerce companies to get paid with African alternative payments like M-Pesa through a single integration.  

Africa is not an easy place to do business and capitalise on the consumer rising, but with the help of online payment service providers like African Payment Solutions, the risk can be minimised.  African Payment Solutions provides a one-stop shop for mCommerce and eCommerce payment across the continent.

The growth of smartphones across the continent is paving the way for mass adoption of mobile wallets and mobile payment for eCommerce.  Most of the mobile payment methods in African countries like M-Pesa in Kenya and Paga in Nigeria work perfectly on USSD and can be implemented asynchonously for web payments.  

Smartphones present a great opportunity for catalysing eCommerce and mCommerce across the continent supporting both web browsing and apps as well as asynchonous payments with for example M-Pesa in Kenya.

East Africa is working well from a cross border cooperation perspective with interoperability of payment methods and banking systems.  African Payment Solutions is a payment gateway serving multinational eCommerce companies who are looking to sell to, and get paid by online consumers in East Africa.  There are plans for the “East African Community” to break down barriers and facilitate a flow of goods, services and payment throughout the territory.

Multinational eCommerce companies looking for African internet and mobile payments can contact African Payment Solutions for countries like Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa