21 Feb African Payment Methods: Kenya Online Payment Solutions and Kenya eCommerce payments

Uber has arrived in African countries and I had the pleasure of using it in Kenya recently.  Payment was easy because of it being linked to my South African credit card.  The service was excellent and it certainly made our recent trip to Nairobi an absolute pleasure as compared to previous occasions.

The cost and efficiency of Uber made it a no-brainer for getting from one meeting to another.  Through a single integration to African Payment Solutions, online and eCommerce companies like Uber can now make use of local Kenyan payment methods like credit card acquiring, debit card acquiring and acceptance of M-Pesa for online payments.

There is also no need for multinational eCommerce Companies to open a local company with local directors and local bank accounts and payment accounts with Safaricom for M-Pesa.  eCommerce companies like Uber can now use African Payment Solutions to take care of the whole online payment collection service.

African Payment Solutions provide and end-to-end online payment collection service including key local payment methods and the repatriation of funds to the country of choice.  

Most important is Kenya online credit card payments for African credit card processing, and Kenya M-Pesa payments when configuring online payments from Africa.  M-Pesa needs to be an integral part of the suite of African ecommerce payments when putting together an African ecommerce strategy

It is important for international internet and mobile app and eCommerce providers to facilitate local payment by consumers in the currency and using the payment methods they are comfortable with.  Credit card penetration in Africa is very limited and so a local payment method like M-Pesa in Kenya is an important part of the eCommerce strategy for emerging markets.

Contact African Payment Solutions if you are a multinational eCommerce company looking to expand your online offering to countries on the African continent.