22 Feb African eCommerce Payments - Interoperability of Mobile Payment for Alternative Payment Methods in East Africa

Moneygram is paving the way for interoperability and cross border payments in Africa.  By connecting with MNO’s like Vodacom, consumers can transfer funds into their M-Pesa accounts in Tanzania.  

This ability to move money for example from Europe if a family member is working out of the country is a big benefit for African consumers.  This narrowing of the financial gap and connectivity between the African continent and the rest of the world is continuing unabated.

The ability for consumers in African countries to be able to buy and pay online in their own country and currency, using their favourite local payment method is becoming a reality.  Multinational eCommerce companies can now through a single integration to African Payment Solutions get paid online by millions of consumers in for example Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and soon Tanzania.

Online payment in countries like Tanzania is fast following suit of the Moneygram model where they have a network of more than 25,000 locations throughout the African continent.    African Payment Solutions is linking up local credit card, debit card and alternative payment acquiring in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa for multinational eCommerce merchants.

Multinational eCommerce merchants can contact African Payment Solutions for online payment in Nigeria, credit card acquiring in Kenya, accepting M-Pesa payments in Kenya and automated EFT alternative payment methods in South Africa, and for their African emerging market acquiring strategy.

Our thanks for inspiration to http://www.mobilepaymentstoday.com/news/moneygram-vodacom-partner-on-mobile-money-service-in-tanzania/