27 Feb Kenyan and Nigerian eCommerce and Payment is Growing Rapidly with Government Support

Kenya is consistently going digital with the latest being denial of boarding on Kenya Airways without an eVisa.  Incoming tourists can now apply online for an eVisa.  The Kenyan government is one of the most progressive in Africa when it comes to digitising the Kenyan economy.

This bodes well for eCommerce, and the purchase and payment for government services online paves the way for multinational eCommerce companies expanding to this African country and the East Africa community.  

Almost all Kenyan consumers can now pay for government services like licences, electricity and taxes using M-Pesa.  African Payment Solutions is linked to M-Pesa so that African consumers can buy and pay for international goods and services from eCommerce companies internationally.

Government in Nigeria is doing the same thing and see eCommerce as a way to create jobs.  Nigeria has a well developed retail presence with many brand names retail stores across the country.  This hunger for brand name retail goods is extending to eCommerce purchase and delivery as a result of the simplicity of payment facilitated by companies like African Payment Solutions.  

Logistics are hampered by poor infrastructure as compared with web payment and the ability to pay online for eCommerce goods and services from multinational eCommerce companies which is working effectively. African Payment Solutions provides acquiring in Nigeria for multinational eCommerce companies through a single integration.

Despite Nigerian challenges with its economy and repatriation of funds earned by multinational eCommerce companies, eCommerce and online payment are thriving.  This is off the back of very successful inroads to eCommerce by companies like OLX, Konga and Jumia who are educating consumers in shopping online.