01 Mar eCommerce Payment for Goods and Services in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa

Online payment methods are growing across Africa as eCommerce and payment for goods and services online is increasing, backed by local governments and local and international eCommerce companies.  

Making payment online for eCommerce goods and services in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and up and coming economies like Ghana, Rwanda and Mozambique has been made easier by payment platform African Payment Solutions.  

Preferences for online payment vary considerably in each of these economies.  Credit cards are only a strong contender for online payment in South Africa and this is only with the upper echelon consumers.    

African Payment Solutions is linked in South Africa to the key payment methods which are credit card, SID and debit card.  Also in Kenya, where M-Pesa dominates and very distant followers are debit card and Airtel Money.  Nigerian links are to credit and debit card which dominate.  Local payment method Paga is becoming a strong contender as an alternative payment.    

As a result of poor conversion rates, multinational eCommerce companies need to acquire locally as international banks tend to reject cards from African countries, rating them as risky.