08 Mar eCommerce Payment and Online Payment via Mobile in Africa - Mobile Payment Methods

Exponential rise in mobile phone penetration in Kenya has been as significant contributor to eCommerce and online payment growth in the territory.   Mobile phone subscribers grew from under 200,000 in 2000 to more than 7m in 2006.

Combine this with the growth in M-Pesa as a service linked to most of those phones as a result of Safaricom’s runaway success with their mobile payment method and you have a hotbed for eCommerce growth.  The opportunity for eCommerce in Kenya for multinational eCommerce companies is good.

Mobile phone-wise, Safaricom has almost 70% of the market and Airtel over 20%.   When it comes to eCommerce payment and mobile money in Kenya, Safaricom’s M-Pesa dominates.  Orange is a distant third and Orange Money is less than 10% of the market.  

When it comes to online payment solutions, credit card payments and eCommerce payments, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are the hubs and drivers for Africa as an emerging eCommerce market economy.  

Multinational ecommerce companies are good to go with eCommerce and payment in these territories.  African Payment Solutions can facilitate online payment for eCommerce goods with a range of payment methods in each of these territories.

Contact African Payment Solutions for more info on eCommerce payment and online payment with M-Pesa, Debit Card and Credit card in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Our thanks for inspiration to http://globalriskinsights.com/2015/08/in-kenya-its-game-of-phones-in-the-telecom-sector/