10 Mar M-Pesa for Online Payment in Kenya - 21 Million Potential Customers

Vodafone’s Safaricom 21m mobile phone customers made 4.1 billion M-Pesa transactions last year and mobile penetration is over 80%.  African Payment Solutions is linked to M-Pesa for online payment by Kenyan consumers for eCommerce goods and services advertised by multinational eCommerce companies.

South Africa is a mature eCommerce market and other African countries are well poised to experience higher growth off a lower base.    South Africa has a relatively well developed banking system and cards can be used to purchase goods and services online.  

Buying online has historically been impossible without a credit card, but as a result of links to African mobile alternative payment methods like M-Pesa, African consumers have been brought onto the net and able to buy from multinational eCommerce companies.  

According to MasterCard only 2% of retail transaction are electronic on the continent, but this is not a true reflection when it comes to South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.  Consumers are enjoying rapidly increasing bandwidth and more accessible mobile payment capability which means eCommerce is increasingly within their reach.  

Nigeria is a burgeoning economy, ready for eCommerce.  Mainstream financial services and scheme cards are on the up to the extent that virtual Visa cards are now being issued for online purchases.  

If you are a multinational or payment gateway expanding to African countries with your eCommerce then contact African Payment Solutions.

Our thanks for inspiration to  http://it-online.co.za/2015/08/31/paygate-cashpay-service-embraces-the-unbanked/ and http://www.thisdaylive.com/articles/chams-mobile-skye-bank-launch-visa-virtual-card/219135/