17 Mar Three Reasons for M-Pesa's Dominant Position as an eCommerce Payment Method in Kenya East Africa

According to Payments Africa there are three main reasons for M-Pesa’s runaway success and unsurpassed position as a primary payment method in Kenya and East Africa.  M-Pesa is the go to payment method for multinationals eCommerce companies expanding to Kenya.  

Kenya is the East African hub and most logical region to kick off a pan-African eCommerce strategy across the continent.  It is IT and internet ready, consumers are keen on Western goods and services, it is stable, has a rising middle class and it is english speaking.  

Most importantly M-Pesa’s widespread penetration as a payment method in use by almost 60% of the population is accessible to multinational eCommerce companies for online payment via African Payment Solutions.  

The three reasons for M-Pesa’s dominant position are firstly that the agent model is far more scaleable than bank branches, secondly that mobile money regulations were are lot more flexible than bank legislation, and thirdly Safaricom’s dominant subscriber position.  

So to recap, if you are a multinational eCommerce company expanding your online offering to Kenya, then contact African Payment Solutions who through a single integration can offer M-Pesa and other key online payment methods in Kenya and across Africa.  



Our thanks for inspiration to http://paymentsafrika.com/payment-news/mobile/how-kenyan-banks-lost-to-mpesa/