19 Apr eCommerce Credit Card Acquiring vs Alternative Mobile Payment Methods in Africa

Africa is a hotbed for eCommerce and mCommerce growth and is likely to outpace and leapfrog other continents.  Africa has more than 100m middle class households with a steadily increasing disposable income.  

The young and up and coming 70% of the African population is under 35, most have a mobile in their hands, are hungry for branded goods, linked to the internet and have at least one local payment method with which to buy online.

It has historically been tough for global merchants to get paid by these yuppie consumers across Africa in countries like Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.  This is because few of them have credit cards and most of them use a local alternative mobile payment method like M-Pesa or Paga.  

This is the reason for the founding of African Payment Solutions.  The founders of African Payment Solutions have more than 15 years experience with online payments in Africa and realised that multinationals are increasingly looking to get paid for eCommerce and mCommerce in countries like Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

The difficulty is that credit cards are minimal and local and mobile payment methods are not linked to the global gateways.  Multinationals have found it complicated to link to mobile payment methods in Africa because they required separate integrations and methodologies.  

Through a single integration to African Payment Solutions, multinational eCommerce companies can now get paid with the key payment methods in the most important hubs South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. Contact African Payment Solutions if you are keen to expand to Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa

Our thanks for inspiration to http://www.linkedin.com/pulse/mobile-money-best-fit-mcommerce-ecommerce-africa-jide-akindele?trk=eml-b2_content_ecosystem_digest-network_publishes-363-null&midToken=AQE3UqRGvlNymg&fromEmail=fromEmail&ut=3Avn3fcBqckCY1