21 Apr Cash vs Card vs Mobile Payments in African eCommerce Payment “In Africa we are Mobile people and not Card people”

Everything happens on the mobile device in most African countries and most African eCommerce and mCommerce transactions.  The ability to search and browse products, buy and pay on the mobile in one seamless transaction is necessary.

 For online payment in most countries in Africa for example Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, multinational eCommerce companies can’t use a universal payment method like credit card.  More than one key payment method and most often, mobile payment methods are in the mix.  

 Local eCommerce and mCommerce companies like Jumia have tried the cash route when it comes to payment for goods on delivery, but the security risks soon became overwhelming and recently decided to stop doing this and insist on either their own bespoke form of payment or generic mobile payment methods like M-Pesa in Kenya and Paga in Nigeria.

 Consumers are familiar with mobile payment methods and most consumers have at least one mobile form of payment on their phones with which to pay.  Very often this form of payment is used by them almost daily.

 As one respondee noted “In Africa we are Mobile people and not Card people. M-Commerce is indeed a true African thing and Mobile Money is the instrument for Africa.”

 Multinational eCommerce companies can now integrate to African Payment Solutions to support  range of local African and mobile payment solutions.  The logic is to start with mCommerce and online payment in the hubs Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Contact African Payment Solutions now to find out how you can be relevant in Africa with your online mCommerce payment and meet the needs of African consumers.