18 May Mobile Payment is King in Kenya When it Comes to Multinational eCommerce

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It’s all happening in Kenya when it comes to mobile payments.  Things just get better and better. Mobile payment were recently at their highest levels ever recorded with a monthly value of transactions in excess of $2bn.

This makes mobile money the leading form of payment in Kenya and with African Payment Solutions, the growth in mobile payment as an online payment method for multinational eCommerce companies will increase further.

Growth in mobile money transactions with products like M-Pesa and Airtel Money have outstripped growth in cards.  M-Pesa is available as an online payment method for online consumers to buy goods from multinational eCommerce companies linked to African Payment Solutions.

Cards will get there as a result of the fast track Scheme card initiatives from Visa, MasterCard and China Unionpay.  They are aggressively tackling the private label card market and converting previously private label cards to Scheme cards which means that often they are also enrolled for online use.  This is great news for multinational eCommerce companies expanding to the region, but it’s early days.

African Payment Solutions recommends to multinational ecommerce companies looking to get paid online in Kenya, that they start with credit card, debit card, and M-Pesa. This covers most of the market. As more Scheme cards are added to the network, online payment in Kenya will become easier.

There are almost 30m mobile payment users in Kenya now, most of whom can use it as a form of payment if they have access to the internet.

Contact African Payment solutions now to get reliable online payment for eCommerce business in Kenya.  Bandwidth is increasing, mobile payment penetration is rising, consumers have more disposable income.


Our thanks for inspiration to http://mobilemoneyafrica.com/content.php?id=2401